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1942 Jan-Mar
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1942 Jul-Sep
1942 Oct-Dec
1943 Jan-Mar
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Capt U. Laite, Chaplain Winnipeg GrenadiersForeword by Grayson Laite (son)


Capt U. Laite, M.C. D.D. Padre
Hong Kong P.O.W. Dec. 1941 - Aug. 1945
Winnipeg Grenadiers and R.R. of C.,
and Imperials

My father kept a handwritten diary while he was a P.O.W. He was able to keep it secure, and it was never found by his captors. After the war, he retyped it as it is presented here.*

Some highlights:

Many, many names (use the search link to look up a name (ed.))

We hope that this diary will be of use to the Hong Kong Veterans, their families and friends in the Commemorative Association, and will be meaningful to you. We tried to get all the names but might have missed some.


Grayson Laite
North Saanich, BC

* some formatting changes have been made in order to display the diary as a series of web pages.